Our Club


A Family Club ...

True progress is found in the friendly rapport, which exists among the members. In the absence of rancour, their widely held belief is that Blantyre Bowling Club is without doubt one of the finest in the land.


... with a long history ...

The success of the Club is measured by more than its achievements on the field of sport. Blantyre Bowling Club was founded on fellowship and through the years has nurtured a growing spirit of hospitality, which shines through the written records of those who have made their personal contribution to its history.


... and modern outlook.

The Club has produced some fine players whose prowess at the game has added tangible trophies to the record book. Today, the Club revels in its achievements that were not thought possible by those who have gone before. The development of the Club in over a century is matched at a stroke by foresight and the continual strive for improvement.